Welcome to the Acorn Internet Services, Inc.  CMS (Content Management System)

All of our Sample Theme Sites are fictional, and are purely for the selection of a preferred style by any Innkeeper looking to create a less expensive, but highly functional, updated, non-custom Web site design.

When reviewing our different CMS Theme Samples, keep in mind that that the following items will completely change the look and feel of any of our Responsive Theme website designs.

  • Color
  • Photos
  • Nav (Navigation) Bar Placement
  • Background (Solid or Texture)
  • Social Media Options
  • Reservation System Connections
  • Review Display Selections

Sample 5 – “Mountain Home Bed and Breakfast”

This Mountain Home Bed and Breakfast Design WORKS WELL for the following Web site styles:

  • If you have a Horizontal Logo
  • If you large professionally taken photos

This particular Design DOES NOT WORK WELL for the following styles:

  • If you have a Vertical Logo
  • If you have small photos

If you have ANY questions regarding our CMS Responsive Theme Design Systems, please contact us at: 877-226-7699 or E-Mail sales@acorn-is.com for more information.

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.